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Client Testimonials



sharmin badiel

i been training with Richard since September 2014 and unfortunately i had to take breaks in between due to work and holidays but i he always made time for me when am back also gives me great homework to do in the other gyms or in hotel/home training programmed. very helpful for my busy life style great flexibility. i recommend him if u got shift work.

my aim were to build strenght and improve my physique.richard has helped me achieve my goals change the shaped of my body as i where clothes, i have a fuller look, i could not be happier with how i look now ,love it (hardbody) he continues to encourage and push me to get stronger and better withy my stretching (home work) i can see the results as we progress through.

i am ever thankful for all this effort and encouragements at every session and will continue to train with him as part of my weekly routine

THANKS hardbody Richard G RGHB fitness

Molly Crowe says

My training with Richard started April. Honestly, I was very apprehensive about starting 6 weeks of training 3 times a week as since I left college in 2011, I have not kept a regular exercise/training routine. Richard came to the house every other weekday and we did a mix of both cardio and weights. Throughout the 6 weeks, I knew my strength and endurance was improving and became even more motivated to improve.

With both an exercise and eating plan I was able to lose 11lbs in 6 weeks and actually enjoyed the journey. Although I still have a way to go, Richard has really inspired me to increase my fitness levels, not only in the short term but as a way of life.

His rare and genuine empathy with my goals is both inspirational and motivating but above all his natural enthusiasm for life and sharing his expertise really sets him apart. If your serious about achieving your goals I would strongly recommend you get in touch with Richard.

Thanks you RGHB 

Merlon Johnson says

When I was 16 years old I was overweight, always tired, depressed and felt like life was passing me by.

I used to wear XL clothes and I was 14 stone. But then my cousin helped me change my life around when I joined his gym RGHB-Fitness. He helped me to gain my confidence back also he introduced me to Herbalife. I couldn’t even run for a bus without felling like I was about to have a heart attack, but now I can play a full 90 minute match and still feel full of energy.

I can wear size S, M ZARA clothes and I am very happy I have a great choice of clothes and am feeling better about the summer on the beach thanks to RGHB clothing

Herbalife is a meal replacement shake that is designed to help you be you. Herbalife comes with a variety of items such as; formula 1 protein shakes, protein bars, protein powder and enhancers like a low calorie refreshing drink infused with green and black tea.

Through Herbalife and RGHB-Fitness I am able to identify the difference between good and bad food, what types of food help the body to grow strong and healthy and what nutrients are in different types of food and what should be in a supplement drink.

Herbalife and RGHB-Fitness helped me change from the boy I was to the man I am today.

merlonMerlon Johnson

matt hart pt

 training with rghbfitness was a great test of my self and for him as i used to be a set down music artist and gym was the last thing on my mind. After training with him, he change my hole out look on fitness/food/my body using my time, 6 months under richard wing. i had totel change of mind body and soul, i love the results i got and will push to keep the rghbf way of training eating life hardbody.

small image 2

Monique Gayle

Monique Gayle says

I had a sports massage on my back and shoulders, it helped with long term pain relief and tension which I had been suffering with for far to long. I got taught a few easy key stretches which weren’t too time consuming, this was good because I have a busy life style.The price of the treatment was affordable and well worth my time and money I will definitely be using rghb-fitness in the near future. If your looking for professional and affordable treatment at flexible times rghb-fitness is the place to go.IMG_9394




Genevieve Muwana says

Training with Richard has been life changing!! I have dropped 3 dress sizes in 4months and I was not expecting it to happen so quickly!

What I really liked from the first consultation is the fact that I presented Richard with my problem (Diastis Recti which is a separation between the abdominal wall) and told him what I expected from my training session and that is exactly what I got!! Richard gently pushes you off your limits only to realize that the limit that you set was only set by your mind. He knows your potential and will make sure you give 100% of your abilities.

I have regained my confidence, I feel good in my body and mind and I know I can achieve a lot more in my life. It is amazing how the physical workout has also affected the mind.

I invested on myself 4 months ago and now I am reaping the benefits and I am glad I chose Richard to walk with me on this Journey!

Once again, thank you for your time and commitment and passion!I really enjoyed training with you and will miss the PT sessions!Hard Body!

IMG_1345 Genevieve Muwana

Ali Naji

Richard is great at what he does!! No complications just keeps the advice and training programme simple!! Beauty is in simplicity!! He is a great asset to the health and fitness industry as he personifies what he teaches!! He provides what the 21st century demands!! There’s a paradigm shift into how marketing is done through the introduction of Facebook and twitter and Richard exploits this with great deal of professionalism making him also easily accessible!! My personal experience has been great as my injury has been cured through Richards massage sessions and now I can lift my own body weight when doing chin ups, I’m not at Richards stage but catching up fast through his advice n tips!! Hardbody as he says!!! A great asset to any one!! yours truly – Ali Najfi

Chris Davies says

Being a personal trainer myself it was very important to me that I workout with someone who knows what they are doing. Richard blew my expectations and taught me loads of new things about health and fitness. I thought I was in good shape until I trained with Richard for 6months and saw amazing results! I have met hundreds of trainers from all different gyms yet Richard is by far the best. Its because of Richard that I am in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!! I will definitely keep training with Richard as I know I will only keep progressing. I recommend anyone to him who is serious about getting the results you want. He is also very motivated and on those days I wasn’t up for it he boosted my morale and I was ready to go in no time. Richards knowledge of how to transform the body and combined with his expert skills in massage you will finally have the dream body you deserve!  – Chris Davies (Personal Trainer)

Faye Cuffie says

I have been training with Richard since about July 2011 and I have noticed a significant change in my general fitness, strength and stamina. My physique has changed and I have a figure I feel proud and confident of. When I first met Richard I had no major goal except ‘to get fit’ after a few weeks of working with him he told me to give myself a challenge so I have something to focus on and really work for, so I entered to do a half marathon. I’ve always enjoyed running and thought this was something realistic I could achieve. Before I met Richard there were many a exercises I could not do, like push ups on my feet, pull ups on the bar and an intense abs workout. I can now do all of these and feel I have come a long way since I started. My first ever half marathon was at the end of September 2011 and I completed it in a decent time of 2 hours 35 minutes and as a gluten for punishment have entered another one this year. My goal this time is to beat my previous time and so have recently started training with Richard again to achieve this. Overall I enjoy training with Richard as he always keeps me focused on my goal, pushes and encourages me when I think I can’t do anymore and always has good advice for any questions I have. I personally would say that you can receive great benefits with a personal trainer however you have got to want to put the work in also and you must ensure you eat and rest well. – Faye Cuffie

Neil Ryland says

I started working with Richard in February 2011. I was getting back into going to the gym regularly after dislocating my shoulder playing rugby. Richard’s expert understanding on building a fitness programme that covered cardio, nutrition and weights specifically for me is why I continue to train with him now. I have been able to get back into playing rugby with confidence and am now back playing 1 st team rugby after a 2 year absence due to injury. In addition to his expert advice and wide variety of training skills, Richard is great fun to train with and has become a really good friend. I was recommend Richard very highly and have seen fantastic results in my sports performance and physique in the 12 months I have been training with him. Hardbody! – Neil Ryland

Sue says

Training with Richard is not easy – he makes you work hard and pushes you to achieve. He explains things really well and ensures your technique is just right. The very best thing is that whether it’s a PT session or group excercise class Richards standards are always high and always consistent. Keep up the excellent work. – Sue

Virginie says

I started training with Richard in June 2011, after years of struggling with my weight trying different things to lose it I am not going to say which ones! I decided to use a personal trainer at the gym. I didn’t expect the result to be so quick within 2 months I managed to lose 10 kilos which I was very happy with. I have now lost 27kilos since I have started it wasn’t easy but by being asked to write a diary of what I was eating and being told to cut down on certain food and following the training I was given by Richard I am now able to fit in my size 10 again. I am now training with his help to do the Royal Park Half marathon in October. I know I can do it with his support and by following his advice. I couldn’t even do press up or sit up before without complaining I now enjoy it because I can see how many more I can do by comparing it to the week before. I would recommend Richard to anyone you need a push and help to achieve what you are looking for. If you are looking for someone who is going to push you to the maximum of your ability then contact him because he will be the right P.T for you. – Virginie Laine 

Virginie Laine goal 2 says

I train with Richard for over a year and i never believe i could take part in a 5 k or 10k run and not even image i could take part in half marathon, I train with Richard to do the Royal Park Half marathon in October ,and i did it, in 2hours and 34mins,never thought i do it, now planning to do a marathon in France (pairs) also caen north of France run by the coat if i get a slot, Pairs marathon is very important to as France is my home land, am very happy to take part in the run with all my family and friends back home, to see me at the finish line. i was happy and very proud to be taking this new skill to show them all, as a child, i never did long runs or much sports, when i was younger but now am part of a group part of a team and have support from everyone When you training with Richard he ask you “what your goals your dream” i said lose weight that all i thought to do, he said that he will get me in to a sport in to a new life style, i never every think i do any running any sports event. But now i join a running group in Clapham join web page for runner, still getting my weight down and doing his programme and diet program, sometimes lol

Once again i, STILL WOULD RECOMMEND Richard to anyone you need a push and help to achieve what you are looking for.

If you are looking for someone who is going to push you to the maximum of your ability then contact him because he will be the right P.T for you.


Virginie Laine

Zoe says

I have been training with Richard for 6 months now and have really improved my fitness level. Richard has helped to keep me motivated and encouraged me to push myself that bit harder. I have won a medal in a Guinness world record event Pedal to the Medal. This was the first sporting achievement as an adult and first medal ever. I am planning to run 5k in June which I would never have thought I was capable of doing but with Richard’s help I know I will do it! – Zoe Tenner