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Results story with RGHB-fitness

Louise & Justin Gluck

my husband and i started training with Richard RGHB doing couple training as a goal for our wedding witch was on august 27 2016 Justin had never done pt before and was very apprehensive when starting but soon got into it and loved the training hardbody he says now. doing it together was much more motivation and Richards always made us work to are best.


the diet he put us on also was very testing at the start but once again we soon adapted and together with richard our training an diet my husband and my self got into the best shape for our wedding


Thanks you Richard G


Andrew Knox

ive been training with Richard for many years and was always very impressed with the out comes. i had always run short distance on a tradmill but never a distance runner. then through work , i was asked to participate in my first 5k although i really underestimated the work involved. i mentioned the 5k to Richard and he set about helping me to achieve the best time i could. i was happy just to finish the race, but Richard challenged me to aim higher. he helped me to believe in my abilities and personalised a training plan for me. in the end i managed to complete the race in under 30 minutes! now i have picked up the running bug and aim to beat my time next year!


Thanks Richard for the motivation and support!

Lisa Maria

Lisa Maria


They say it takes hard work and dedication to achievable your goals. sometimes when you go at it alone you tend to fall off track

Richard is a true inspiration. I’ve trained with other personal trainer in the past, but none quite like Richard his high intensity session and food program help you achieve your goals

Richard make understand food , fitness, health and how your body work so much simpler. for the first time, I felt like I was able to understand how exercise, how to prepare meals and most importantly what not to eat

I started training with Richard in October this year and I explained to him my goals and what I wanted to achieve after a few session I began to feel more energetic my strength was building and I started to lose weight I still have a long way to go but with Richard HARDBODY attitude. I know that my goals are achievable

When train it Richard its not just diet and fitness level that change its your mentality and the way you look at food and making healthy choices change too

Training with Richard is not easy but one thing is for sure, is that it is 100% worthwhile. I would highly recommend RGHB-fitness and I am so glad I chose to train with him

Well done Richard, keep up the good work. RGHB-FITNESS HARDBODY

Sophie Syed know Richard for a few years wasn’t till this year i decided to train with him and i.m more than happy with the results.he gave me that push and guidance i needed to motivate my self.with weekly messages,meal preps ideas and hard sessions he supported me the whole way to hit my happy to get my confidence back,Richard is a focused trainer and true friend thanks you for your continuous support xxx img_12741

Thanks hardbody

Viki Mokrzycki

Training with Richard is not for the light hearted, its for the hardbodied. he will push you to your limits you didn’t know you could reach whilst keeping a focus on, form. Whilest accommodating to my early tarts he knew exactly how to warm me up in the morning with a mix of cardio warm ups and strength activities meaning i started the day on the right track! after a 12 session with i started seeing muscle definition and would recommend him yo anyone that wants to toe results and build their strength

Thanks RGHB-fitness Hardbody Alway